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Trondheim - Trondheim (Urban East Norwegian: [²trɔn(h)æɪm]; historically Kaupangen, Nidaros and Trondhjem) is a city and municipality in Trøndelag county, Norway
Trondheim Airport, Værnes - Trondheim Airport, Værnes (Norwegian: Trondheim lufthavn, Værnes; IATA: TRD, ICAO: ENVA) is an international airport serving Trondheim, a city and municipality
Trondheim (disambiguation) - Trondheim may refer to: Trondheim, a city in Norway Lewis Trondheim, a French cartoonist KNM Trondheim, a ship in the design of the Oslo-class frigate
Trondheim Fjord - The Trondheim Fjord or Trondheimsfjorden (pronounced [²trɔnhæɪmsˌfjuːɳ]), an inlet of the Norwegian Sea, is Norway's third-longest fjord at 130 kilometres
61st Annual Grammy Awards - mastering engineer; Morten Lindberg, surround producer (Ingar Heine Bergby, Trondheim Symphony Orchestra & Choir) Symbol Prashant Mistry & Ronald Prent, surround
Flag of Trondheim - The flag of Trondheim is one of the official symbols of the city and municipality of Trondheim in Norway. Most Norwegian municipalities have a banner of
Trondheim Region - The Trondheim Region (Norwegian: Trondheimsregionen) is a statistical metropolitan region in the county of Trøndelag in Norway. It is centered in the
Trondheim Synagogue - The Trondheim Synagogue (Norwegian: Synagogen i Trondheim) in Trondheim, Norway is the second-northernmost synagogue in the world (after the synagogue
Rosenborg BK - (especially locally) RBK, is a Norwegian professional football club from Trondheim that plays in the Eliteserien. The club have won a record 26 league titles
Trondheim Tramway - The Trondheim Tramway in Trondheim, Norway, is the world's most northerly tramway system, following the closure and dismantling of the Arkhangelsk tramways


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Clarion Hotel And Congress Tronheim

Scandic Nidelven

Scandic Bakklandet

Clarion Collection Grand Olav

Comfort Hotel Trondheim

Scandic Lerkendal

Scandic Solsiden

Comfort Hotel Park

Clarion Collection Bakeriet


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