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Uppsala - Uppsala (/ˈʊpsɑːlə, ˈʌp-/, also US: /-sələ, ˈuːpsɑːlə, ʊpˈsɑːlə/ or all ending in /-sɑːlɑː/, Swedish: [ˈɵ̂pːˌsɑːla] (listen); archaically spelled Upsala)
Uppsala University - Uppsala University (Swedish: Uppsala universitet) is a research university in Uppsala, Sweden. Founded in 1477, it is the oldest university in Sweden
Gamla Uppsala - Gamla Uppsala (Swedish: [ˈɡâmːla ˈɵ̂pːˌsɑːla], Old Uppsala) is a parish and a village outside Uppsala in Sweden. It had 17,973 inhabitants in 2016. As
Uppsala County - Uppsala County (Swedish: Uppsala län) is a county or län on the eastern coast of Sweden, whose capital is the city of Uppsala. It borders the counties
Uppsala Cathedral - / 59.85806; 17.63333 Uppsala Cathedral (Swedish: Uppsala domkyrka) is a cathedral located between the University Hall of Uppsala University and the Fyris
Temple at Uppsala - The Temple at Uppsala was a religious center in the ancient Norse religion once located at what is now Gamla Uppsala (Swedish "Old Uppsala"), Sweden attested
History of Uppsala - The city of Uppsala is one of the oldest in Sweden. It has played a dominant role in the political, intellectual and historical development of the country
Uppsala (disambiguation) - Uppsala may refer to: Uppsala city Gamla Uppsala, a village outside Uppsala city, important in Norse paganism Uppsala Airport (ICAO code ESCM) Uppsala
Uppsala Castle - Uppsala Castle (Swedish: Uppsala slott) is a 16th-century royal castle in the historic city of Uppsala, Sweden. Throughout much of its early history, the
Archbishop of Uppsala - The Archbishop of Uppsala (spelled Upsala until the early 20th century) has been the primate in Sweden in an unbroken succession since 1164, first during


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Top Rated Hotels in the Area :

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