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Utrecht - Vleuten. A former station Utrecht Maliebaan closed in 1939 and has since been converted into the Dutch Railway Museum. The Utrecht sneltram is a light rail
Utrecht Centraal railway station - (sprinter) Woerden - Utrecht - Geldermalsen - 's-Hertogenbosch - Tilburg - Breda 1x per hour local service (sprinter) Utrecht - Utrecht Maliebaan (Railway museum)
Railway Museum (Netherlands) - Spoorwegmuseum) in Utrecht is the Dutch national railway museum. It was established in 1927 and since 1954 has been housed in the "Maliebaan station", a former
Utrecht Lunetten railway station - the Utrecht–Boxtel railway and the Hilversum–Lunetten railway (via Utrecht Maliebaan). The station closed on 15 May 1932. The station was re-opened on
Hilversum–Lunetten railway - also serving Utrecht Biltstraat (demolished in 1961) and Utrecht Maliebaan; since 1939, all trains coming from Hilversum are going to Utrecht Centraal via
Francine Houben - Rotterdam: NAi Publishers, 2001 ISBN 9056621904 Maliebaan, een huis om in te werken, Francine Houben. Utrecht: Andersson Elffers Felix/Delft: Mecanoo architecten
Maarten van Rossem - Wageningen, graduating in the exact sciences. Initially he studied pharmacy at Utrecht University, because of his high marks for chemistry. Because he disliked
Mecanoo - Schreuders Prize 2001 for best underground building for Office Villa Maliebaan, Utrecht, Netherlands 2003 Dutch Building Prize 2003 for the National Open
Dutch railway services - Bijlmer ArenA - Schiphol Airport 28300 NS Museum shuttle Utrecht Centraal - Utrecht Maliebaan SLT 1x per hour Only operates during Dutch Railway Museum
Pall-mall - in Paris the Rue du Mail, the Avenue du Mail in Geneva, and in Utrecht the Maliebaan. When the game fell out of fashion, some of these "pall malls" evolved


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