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Växjö - Växjö (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈvɛ̂kːɧœ]) is a city and the seat of Växjö Municipality, Kronoberg County, Sweden. It had 66,275 inhabitants (2016) out
Katedralskolan, Växjö - Katedralskolan (Sw: "the cathedral school") is a high school in Växjö, Sweden. Katedralskolan in Växjö has a long history, receiving the right to become an upper
Växjö Lakers - Växjö Lakers Hockey Club (often referred to as the Växjö Lakers or VLH) is an ice hockey club from Växjö in Sweden. The club plays in the Swedish Hockey
Växjö/Kronoberg Airport - Växjö/Kronoberg Airport (IATA: VXO, ICAO: ESMX), branded as Växjö Småland Airport, is an airport in Kronoberg county, Sweden. The airport is located about
Växjö Vipers - Växjö Innebandyklubb (often referred to as Växjö Vipers or simply Vipers) is a Swedish floorball club. The club is currently playing in the highest Swedish
Växjö Lake - Växjö lake (Swedish: Växjösjön) is a lake in Växjö Municipality, Sweden.
Växjö HF - Växjö HF is a handball club in Växjö, Sweden, established 1972 out of Växjö BK. The men's team played three seasons in the Swedish top division during
Växjö Municipality - Växjö Municipality (Växjö kommun) is a municipality in Kronoberg County in southern Sweden, where Växjö is the seat. The municipality was created in 1971
Växjö HC - Växjö HC was a Swedish ice hockey club based in Växjö, Småland. The club was founded in 1971 as a merger of the ice hockey sections of Östers IF and Växjö
Kronoberg County - Skåne, Halland, Jönköping, Kalmar, and Blekinge. Its capital is the city of Växjö. For history, geography and culture, see Småland Geographically, Kronoberg


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Top Rated Hotels in the Area :

PM & Vanner Hotel

Elite Park Hotel

Solvikens Pensionat

Elite Stadshotellet Vaxjo

Clarion Collection Hotel Cardinal

Villa Gransholm

Ojaby Herrgard

Best Western Hotel Royal Corner

Hotel Radmannen

Toftastrand Hotell & Konditori

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