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Venezuela - / 7; -65 Venezuela (/ˌvɛnəˈzweɪlə/ (listen) VEN-ə-ZWAYL-ə; American Spanish: [beneˈswela]), officially the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (Spanish:
Venezuelans - Venezuelan people are people identified with Venezuela. Venezuelans are predominantly Roman Catholic and speak Spanish. The majority of Venezuelans are
Economy of Venezuela - The economy of Venezuela is largely based on the petroleum sector and manufacturing. In 2014, total trade amounted to 48.1% of the country's GDP. Exports
Culture of Venezuela - The cultures of Venezuela are diverse and complex, influenced by the many different people who have made Venezuela their home. Venezuela has distinctive
Crisis in Venezuela - A socioeconomic and political crisis has been taking place in Venezuela since 2010 under the presidency of Hugo Chávez and has continued into the current
Caracas - officially Santiago de León de Caracas, is the capital and largest city of Venezuela, and centre of the Greater Caracas Area. Caracas is located along the
Dance in Venezuela - Most of Venezuela's dances originated in Europe in the 19th century, but some originated in the Caribbean, and others have African origins. They include
Miss Venezuela - Miss Venezuela is the national beauty pageant in Venezuela, considered to be the most important within the country. The pageant is traditionally held
Venezuelan bolívar - plural: bolívares soberanos; ISO 4217 code: VES) is the main currency of Venezuela since 20 August 2018. Since that date, it has been due to replace the
United Socialist Party of Venezuela - United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Spanish: Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela, PSUV) is a socialist political party in Venezuela which resulted from the


Venezuela - Hotels
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Venezuela - Map
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Venezuela - Flight
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Venezuela - Car Rentals
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Travel guides:

Venezuela - Travel guide
Information about the destination
Venezuela - Travel guide
Information about the country

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Venezuela Travel guide - Venezuela
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Exchange Rates

Top Rated Hotels in the Area :


JW Marriott Hotel Caracas

Altamira Village Hotel & Suites

Renaissance Caracas La Castellana Hotel A Marriott Luxury & Lifestyle Hotel

Hotel Centro Lido

Embassy Suites Hotel Caracas

Eurobuilding Express Maiquetia

Eurobuilding Hotel And Suites Caracas

Marriott Venezuela Playa Grande

Garden Suites Caracas

Travel guides cities in Venezuela:

Barcelona (Venezuela)
Canaima National Park
Catia La Mar
Ciudad Bolivar
Ciudad Guayana
Ciudad Ojeda
Coche Island
Colonia Tovar
El Tigre
Isla de Margarita
Juan Griego
La Guaira
Las Majadas (Venezuela)
Los Roques
Merida (Venezuela)
Playa El Agua
Playa El Yaque
Puerto la Cruz
Puerto Ordaz
Puerto Piritu
Punto Fijo
San Cristobal
San Fernando de Apure
Valencia (Venezuela)

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Trinidad And Tobago
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
Saint Lucia
Virgin Islands U.S.
Puerto Rico
Saint Kitts And Nevis
Bonaire Saint Eustatius and Saba
Virgin Islands British
Antigua And Barbuda
Dominican Republic
Sint Maarten

Airports in Venezuela:

Caracas - Simon Bolivar Intl
15.8Km from Venezuela

Caracas - Oscar Machado Zuloaga
24.6Km from Venezuela

Maracaibo - El Libertador Ab
79.4Km from Venezuela

San Juan De Los Morros - San Juan De Los Morros
83.4Km from Venezuela

Maracay - Escuela Mariscal Sucre Airport
86Km from Venezuela

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