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Viaduct Harbour - Viaduct Harbour, formerly known as Viaduct Basin, is a former commercial harbour on the Auckland waterfront that has been turned into a development of
Auckland - draws thousands of competitors. The Auckland Harbour Crossing Swim from the North Shore to the Viaduct Basin, Auckland CBD, is a yearly summer event, covering
Auckland waterfront - the Viaduct Basin and the Auckland CBD), and thus at the moment excludes much of the Western Reclamation and almost the whole of the Ports of Auckland area
Auckland Harbour Crossing Swim - Stanley Bay or Bayswater in North Shore City to the finish in the Viaduct Basin in Auckland City. Entrants must complete the course in less than 105 minutes
Victoria Park, Auckland - west of the Auckland CBD. However, it does not have direct connection to the foreshore anymore, as the Western Reclamation and the Viaduct Basin quarter lie
Waitematā Harbour - Auckland Harbour Bridge. To the east of the bridge's southern end lie the marinas of Westhaven and the suburbs of Freemans Bay and the Viaduct Basin.
Wynyard Quarter - western edge of the Auckland waterfront, New Zealand. It is located to the north of Freemans Bay and to the west of the Viaduct Basin. As of 2012, a good
Freemans Bay - northwest of the city centre and is now composed of the concrete wharves of Viaduct Basin and the Tank Farm or as it is now renamed, the Wynyard Quarter. Waiatarau
Princes Wharf - generally considered a success in redevelopment, as is the close-by Viaduct Basin, some critics have called its architecture 'urbanely sterile', while
Ports of Auckland - Wharf (also known as 'Tank Farm' or 'Western Reclamation', west of Viaduct Basin and mostly used for chemicals and liquids storage. It is to be turned


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