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Visby - Visby (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈvǐːsbʏ]) is a locality and the seat of Gotland Municipality in Gotland County, on the island of Gotland, Sweden with 24
Battle of Visby - The Battle of Visby was fought in 1361 near the town of Visby on the island of Gotland, between the forces of the Danish king and the Gutnish country
Visby-class corvette - The Visby class is the latest class of corvette to be adopted by the Swedish Navy after the Göteborg and Stockholm-class corvettes. The ship's design
Hague–Visby Rules - The Hague–Visby Rules is a set of international rules for the international carriage of goods by sea. They are a slightly updated version of the original
Gotland - Stora) to the west. The population is 58,595, of which about 23,600 live in Visby, the main town. The island of Gotland and the other areas of the province
Visby lenses - The Visby lenses are a collection of lens-shaped manufactured objects made of rock crystal (quartz) found in several Viking graves on the island of Gotland
Visby (disambiguation) - Visby is the largest city on the Swedish island of Gotland. Visby may also refer to: Visby-class destroyer, a Swedish World War II destroyer class HSwMS
Visby City Wall - Visby City Wall (Swedish: Visby ringmur, sometimes Visby stadsmur) is a medieval defensive wall surrounding the Swedish town of Visby on the island of
IFK Visby - IFK Visby is a Swedish football club located in Visby on the island of Gotland. IFK Visby currently plays in Division 4 Gotland which is the sixth tier
Visby BBK - Visby BBK is a women's basketball club in Visby, Sweden. The club was established in 1992 out of the Visby AIK basketball section. The women's team, playing


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Hotell Slottsbacken

Clarion Hotel Wisby

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Visby Lagenhetshotell

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