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Višnjan - Višnjan (Italian: Visignano) is a village and municipality in Istria, Croatia. Višnjan is the site of Višnjan Observatory (an astronomical observatory)
Višnjan Observatory - Višnjan Observatory (Croatian: Zvjezdarnica Višnjan; obs. code: 120) is an astronomical observatory located near the village of Višnjan in Croatia. It
Korado Korlević - Planet Center with the discovery of 1162 numbered minor planets he made at Višnjan Observatory during 1996–2001. In addition, he is credited with the co-discovery
List of universities and colleges in Croatia - College "Minerva" Business School PAR Business College with Public Rights, Višnjan Business School "Zagreb" College for Inspection and Human Resource Management
Parenzana - meters above sea level. From there it started to descend gradually, passing Višnjan and reaching Poreč after 123 kilometers from Trieste, thus making it one
Marino Dusić - Korlević, he discovered two asteroids, 11706 Rijeka and 12512 Split, at the Višnjan Observatory, Croatia, in 1998. "Minor Planet Discoverers (by number)".
71st Infantry Division (Wehrmacht) - Veith in Austria. The division has been implicated in Tićan massacre (Višnjan, now in Croatia), on 11 September 1943, when 84 civilians were executed
List of minor planets: 7001–8000 - NEAT GEF 8.3 km MPC · JPL 7364 Otonkučera 1996 KS Otonkučera May 22, 1996 Višnjan Observatory K. Korlević — 1.9 km MPC · JPL 7365 Sejong 1996 QV1 Sejong
Diklići - Yugoslavia. It may refer to: Diklići, Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina Diklići, Ravno, Bosnia and Herzegovina Diklići, Višnjan [fr], Croatia Diklić, surname
Farini - Farini may refer to: Farini, Croatia, a village in the Višnjan municipality Farini, Emilia-Romagna, a town and comune in Italy Luigi Carlo Farini (1812-1866)


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