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Wangaratta - Wangaratta (/wæŋɡəˈrætə/) is a cathedral city in the northeast of Victoria, Australia, approximately 250 km (160 mi) from Melbourne along the Hume Highway
Rural City of Wangaratta - The Rural City of Wangaratta is a local government area in the Hume region of Victoria, Australia, located in the north-east part of the state. It covers
Wangaratta Chronicle - The Wangaratta Chronicle is a newspaper published in Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia. On September 10, 1884, George Maxwell and John Bowser began the
Wangaratta Airport - Wangaratta Airport (IATA: WGT, ICAO: YWGT) is located about 5 km (3.1 mi) from Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia just off the Hume Highway. Victoria portal
Wangaratta Wahine - Wangaratta Wahine is an album by Australian band The Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band, released in 1974 and was their second album. It was recorded at top
Shire of Wangaratta - Shire of Wangaratta may refer to: Shire of Wangaratta (Queensland), a former local government area in Queensland, Australia Shire of Wangaratta (Victoria)
Eucalyptus cadens - Eucalyptus cadens, the Tumbledown Swamp Gum is a rare Eucalyptus tree, known only from the Warby Ranges of north eastern Victoria, Australia. Trees portal
Wangaratta railway station - Wangaratta railway station is located on the North East line in Victoria, Australia. It serves the town of Wangaratta, opening on 28 October 1873, as
Thomas Armstrong (bishop) - Melbourne (1899–1902). On 24 February 1902 he was consecrated first Bishop of Wangaratta. During his tenure the bishop's lodge was built, St Columb's Hall for
Glenrowan, Victoria - in the Wangaratta local government area of Victoria, Australia. It is 236 kilometres north-east of Melbourne and 14 kilometres from Wangaratta and near


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Top Rated Hotels in the Area :

Milawa Muscat Retreat

Quality Hotel Wangaratta Gateway

Parkview Motor Inn Wangaratta

Milawa Motel

Wangaratta Caravan and Tourist Park

Glenrowan Kelly Country Motel

Advance Motel

Hermitage Motor Inn


Wangaratta North Family Motel

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