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Yiwu - Yiwu (simplified Chinese: 义乌; traditional Chinese: 義烏; pinyin: Yìwū) is a city of about 1.2 million people in central Zhejiang province, China. Its built-up
Yiwu International Trade City - Yiwu International Trade City is the primary wholesale market complex in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China. There are a number of other large wholesale markets in
Yiwu–London railway line - The Yiwu – London Railway Line is a freight railway route from Yiwu, China, to London, United Kingdom, covering a distance of roughly 12,000 km (7,500
Yiwu (disambiguation) - Yiwu is a city in Zhejiang province, China. Yiwu may also refer to: Yiwu County, county in Xinjiang, China Yiwu, Mengla County, town in Mengla County
Yiwu–Madrid railway line - The Yiwu - Madrid Railway line is a railway route taken by container trains from the Chinese city of Yiwu to the Spanish city of Madrid, a distance of
Yiwu Airport - Yiwu Airport (IATA: YIW, ICAO: ZSYW) is a dual-use military and civil airport serving Yiwu, Jinhua in Zhejiang Province, China. It is located 5.5 kilometres
Liao Yiwu - Liao Yiwu (Chinese: 廖亦武; pinyin: Liào Yìwǔ; also known as Lao Wei (Chinese: 老威); born 16 June 1958 in Sichuan), is a Chinese author, reporter, musician
Yiwu High School - Yiwu High School (YWHS; simplified Chinese: 义乌中学; traditional Chinese: 義烏中學; pinyin: Yìwū Zhōngxué), is a senior high school in Yiwu. It was founded in
Yiwu, Mengla County - Yiwu (Chinese: 易武; pinyin: Yìwŭ) is a town in Mengla County, Xishuangbanna prefecture, Yunnan province, China, bordering Laos's Phôngsali to the east
Yiwu Zhi - The Yiwu Zhi or Record of Foreign Matters, also known as the Jiaozhou Yiwu Zhi (交州异物志), Nanyi Yiwu Zhi (南裔异物志), Jiaozhi Yiwu Zhi (交趾异物志) and Yangyilang


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Top Rated Hotels in the Area :

Your World International Conference Centre

Happy Sunny Hotel

Pujiang Milan Fashion Hotel

Dongyang Xuanyu Hotel Jinhua

Bestc Hotel

Shang Cheng Hotel

Yimei Plaza Hotel

Crowne Plaza Yiwu Expo

Narada Boutique Hotel Yiwu Chouzhou

Yindu Hotel Yiwu

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Taizhou (Zhejiang)
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